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I have a strong interest in the arms race and engineering developments which overtook the navies of Europe from the 1860s onward. It is endlessly enthralling to read about the intertwined evolution of materials technology, engine design, hull design, weapons developments, and protection (including, but not limited to, armor). I made up the term "euroclad" to differentiate European vessels from the much more ubiquitous ones made for ACW gaming.

Lissa 1866

I have wanted to play out the battle of Lissa for many years, but despaired of ever getting the fleets together. In 2016 Phil Ireson of Pithead Miniatures began canvassing for commitments to buy if he were to carve and cast the fleets of Lissa, and he has started to follow through and produce the miniatures. The set of Austrian ironclads has been available since late 2017, and a preliminary run of the Italian ironclads was offered for sale in limited numbers in June 2018. I jumped at the chance to order all 3 sets.

Pithead is also trying to get enough commitments to produce the wooden vessels that appeared at Lissa, and I'm a full supporter of that effort. However, if that fails, there are some alternatives. Wooden sail/steam powered vessels of the era were pretty generic, so it should be sufficient to use existing sail/steam miniatures from Red Eagle Miniatures, adapting ACW sloops and corvettes and frigates from the various 1/1200 lines by Thoroughbred, Langton, Red Eagle, and Navwar, and perhaps even modifying some of the nice 1/1200 Napoleonic vessels available.