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Mike Hammet's 1/4800 WWII collection

Below is a set of photos posted by Mike Hammet on his Photobucket pages, showing his 1/4800 WWII naval gaming collection. If you believe 1/4800 is too small, these photos may change your mind.

Click on any photo to go to the original in Photobucket.

For a discussion about where he got them, how he painted them, see his post on TMP.

 photo P1130452.jpg
 photo P1130415.jpg
 photo P1130449.jpg
 photo P1130448.jpg
 photo P1130447.jpg
 photo P1130446.jpg
 photo P1130442.jpg
 photo P1130443.jpg
 photo P1130444.jpg
 photo P1130445.jpg
 photo P1130441.jpg
 photo P1130440.jpg
 photo P1130439.jpg
 photo P1130438.jpg
 photo P1130434.jpg
 photo P1130430.jpg
 photo P1130435.jpg
 photo P1130431.jpg
 photo P1130432.jpg
 photo P1130436.jpg
 photo P1130437.jpg
 photo P1130433.jpg
 photo P1130429.jpg
 photo P1130428.jpg
 photo P1130427.jpg
 photo P1130426.jpg
 photo P1130425.jpg
 photo P1130424.jpg
 photo P1130423.jpg photo P1130422.jpg
 photo P1130422.jpg
 photo P1130418.jpg
 photo P1130419.jpg
 photo P1130420.jpg
 photo P1130421.jpg
 photo P1130417.jpg
 photo P1130416.jpg
 photo P1130414.jpg
 photo P1130413.jpg
 photo P1130411.jpg
 photo P1130412.jpg