Below is a sortable listing of various naval miniatures ranges.

For more details about the ranges of each of these manufacturers, see the page of Manufacturer Notes.

Note: my own personal prejudices militate against naval gaming in scales larger than about 1/300, so this database contains none of the many suppliers of larger scales (10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 28mm, etc.).
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Navwar Modern  1/3000 models pewter castings  
Navwar All  1/3000 terrain pewter castings Harbor bits for Age of Sail through 20th C. 
Thetis 3000 (Navy Models & Books) Modern  1/3000 terrain  Harbor and fortress bits 
Panamint Models (Shapeways) Age of Sail  1/600 parts 3D prints Wooden-ship era anchors 
Tumbling Dice All Accessories 1/2400 models pewter castings Shore batteries, sinking ships, masts with alternative sail configurations 
Wargaming Miniatures Transitional ACW 1/1000 models pewter castings, some resin The old Houston's Ironclads ships of the ACW period. Very complete range of wood and ironclad ships. 
Wargaming Miniatures Transitional ACW 1/1000 terrain lead castings Batteries, pilings, piers, forts, and other items from the old Houston's Ironclads of the ACW period. 
Brown Water Navy Miniatures Transitional ACW 1/1200 models 3D prints May rescale 1/600 models and create new models, just ask 
Langton Transitional ACW 1/1200 models lead and resin castings Larger hulls in resin, all else in lead 
Navwar Transitional ACW 1/1200 models pewter castings Crude sculpts, low on detail. 
Red Eagle Miniatures Transitional ACW 1/1200 models lead castings Old Triton range sold by Skytrex, recently improved castings, some models moved to resin 
Spithead Miniatures Transitional ACW 1/1200 terrain resin castings Buildings, forts, shore batteries. Web site on Facebook, or inquire and order through email (link at left). All models are temporary, Phil Ireson (owner) makes naval models for his own use and releases only those with enough pledges to make production pay for itself. 
Spithead Miniatures Transitional ACW 1/1200 models pewter or resin castings Web site on Facebook, or inquire and order through email (link at left). All models are temporary, Phil Ireson (owner) makes naval models for his own use and releases only those with enough pledges to make production pay for itself. 
Thoroughbred Figures Transitional ACW 1/1200 models pewter castings Small but growing range of superbly detailed, crisply rendered, ingeniously engineered models. Rival for Langton in quality and appearance. 
Tumbling Dice Transitional ACW 1/2400 models pewter castings Victorian Period range. Somewhat crude, hand-carved. 
Brown Water Navy Miniatures Transitional ACW 1/600 models 3D prints  
Thoroughbred Figures Transitional ACW 1/600 models mostly pewter castings, some resin castings Superb detail, no flash, excellent proportions, gorgeous models, very comprehensive range 
Brigade Models All All 1/1000 terrain lead and resin castings Buildings, forts, shore batteries, railroads, etc. Delightful, varied, and growing line of land items covering many eras. 
Navwar All All 1/1200 terrain pewter castings Harbor pieces 
Navwar Age of Sail All 1/1200 models pewter castings Chinese junks. Very crude sculpts. 
Navwar Battleship All 1/3000 models pewter castings Incredibly wide range, includes nearly every warship in service between 1890 and 1945, and many that never left the drawing board.. 
Navy Models and Books Modern All 1/3000 models pewter castings Old, huge Davco range of 20th C. warships and shore terrain, last owned by Skytrex 
Peter Pig Age of Sail All 1/450 parts pewter castings Many items useful as markers and hyperdetailing parts for large scale AoS gaming: boats, crews, guns, wreckage, etc. 
Peter Pig Age of Sail All 1/450 models resin with pewter parts Meant for piracy gaming, but ships are generic and adaptable to many periods. Many bits adaptable to other scales (1/600, 1/300, etc.) 
Brigade Models Age of Sail All 1/700 terrain resin models Stone shore fortifications 
Valiant Ancient All 1/900 terrain pewter castings Buildings, walls, towers, crew blocks, catapults, and a Trojan Horse. Many buildings generic enough for any era and several scales. 
Langton Age of Sail Anglo-Dutch Wars 1/1200 models lead castings Sails available in lead or brass 
Navwar Age of Sail Anglo-Dutch Wars 1/1200 models pewter castings Also advertized as suitable up through SYW. Crude sculpts 
Tumbling Dice Age of Sail Anglo-Dutch Wars 1/2400 models pewter castings Somewhat crude, hand-carved 
Navwar Age of Sail Anglo-Dutch Wars 1/3000 models pewter castings  
Naval Wargaming Ships by Henry Turner Age of Sail Anglo-Dutch Wars 1/600 models 3D prints Shapeways storefront. Hulls only, masts/sails/rigging must be fabricated. 
Brigade Models Transitional Any 1/1000 parts pewter castings Generic steam-era topside bits useful for scratchbuilding: turrets, stacks, cranes, masts, etc. 
Model J Ship Age of Sail Any 1/700 terrain resin castings Imperial Spanish era buildings and harbor pieces 
Navwar Battleship Civilian 1/3000 models pewter castings Merchant Ships. Large selection of generic ccargo ships from the late 19th C. through the 20th C. 
Navwar Battleship Civilian 1/3000 models pewter castings Liners: Large selection of specific large passenger ships of the 20th C. 
Warlord Games Battleship Coastal forces 1/300 models plastic kits Gorgeous, large (MTBs are 3"-4", most other ships larger). 
PT Dockyard Modern Coastal forces 1/700 models  Coastal "fast attack" forces, aircraft 
PT Dockyard Battleship Coastal Forces 1/600 models pewter castings, resin castings WWI and WWII coastal forces and targets (barges, etc.), some oceanic warships (DDs, DEs, CLs, etc.) 
Outpost Wargame Services Medieval Cog 1/1200 models pewter castings A tubby, large cog model and a very stylized galley. 
Ral Partha Empires Medieval Cog 1/1200 models pewter castings A cog and a galley that look passably Medieval, and a fantasy galleon 
GHQ Modern Cold War 1/2400 models lead castings Modern ships, subs, and planes of US, UK, Russia, China, & Japan 
Viking Forge Modern Cold War 1/2400 models pewter castings Combat units of major nations, plus huge range of fleet auxiliaries 
Meridian (Navy Models & Books) Modern Cold War 1/700 models pewter and resin Old Meridian modern ship models 
Red Eagle Miniatures Transitional European ironclads 1/1200 models lead castings Many British and a few French ironclads of 1860s. Old Triton range sold by Skytrex 
Tumbling Dice Transitional European ironclads 1/2400 models pewter castings Victorian Period range. Somewhat crude, hand-carved. 
Spithead Miniatures Transitional European Ironclads 1/1200 models resin castings, some lead parts Web site on Facebook, or inquire and order through email (link at left). All models are temporary, Phil Ireson (owner) makes naval models for his own use and releases only those with enough pledges to make production pay for itself. 
Langton Age of Sail Galleon era 1/1200 models lead castings Various "round ships" from the Renaissance Galleys range, brass sails 
Valiant Age of Sail Galleon era 1/1200 models pewter castings Armada period ships, suitable for entire galleon era through early 1600s 
Tumbling Dice Age of Sail Galleon era 1/2400 models pewter castings Spanish Armada range. Somewhat crude, hand-carved 
Old Glory Shipyard Age of Sail Galleon era 1/300  models resin models with pewter parts "Birth of the Broadside" range of Armada-period galleons and auxiliaries 
Minairons Age of Sail Galleon era 1/600 models resin castings, pewter parts Meant to be compatible with Skytrex and/or Peter Pig 
Minairons Age of Sail Galleon era 1/600 parts paper, lead flags, masts, sails 
Skytrex Age of Sail Galleon era 1/600 models pewter castings Simple, crude, thick, heavy, paint up surprisingly well 
Navwar Age of Sail Galleon Era 1/1200 models pewter castings Crude sculpts 
Langton Renaissance Galley 1/1200 models lead castings Oars and full sails in brass, furled sails in lead 
Langton Ancient Galley 1/1200 models lead castings  
Navwar Renaissance Galley 1/1200 models pewter castings Crude sculpts 
Navwar Ancient Galley 1/1200 models pewter castings Also includes Viking and Saxon long ships. Crude sculpts. 
Tumbling Dice Renaissance Galley 1/2400 models pewter castings Galleys in the Spanish Armada range, enough types to do Lepanto. Somewhat crude, hand-carved 
Tumbling Dice Ancient Galley 1/2400 models pewter castings Somewhat crude, hand-carved 
Langton Ancient Galley 1/300 models lead castings  
Skull & Crown Renaissance Galley 1/300 models lasercut wood A range of Lepanto-era galleys made from layers of lasercut wood pieces you glue and paint yourself. 
Navwar Renaissance Galley 1/3000 models pewter castings Lepanto-era ships. 
Skytrex Renaissance Galley 1/600 models pewter castings Oversized, probably more like 1/500 scale 
Skytrex Ancient Galley 1/600 models pewter castings  
Valiant Ancient Galley 1/900 models pewter castings Excellent sculpts, great character. Odd scale that "feels right".  
Langton Age of Sail Great Lakes 1/1200 models lead castings Small warships of the Great Lakes from the AWI and War of 1812 
Sails of Glory Age of Sail Napoleonic 1/1000 models pre-painted plastic models Very popular, but sadly an off-scale for the period, so can't be supplemented with products from GHQ, Langton, and others. Detail a bit low, proportions good, painting good enough but not stellar. 
GHQ Age of Sail Napoleonic 1/1200 models lead castings Wide range, two sail settings available, fine detail, superb proportions. 
Langton Age of Sail Napoleonic 1/1200 models lead castings Sails available in lead or brass, choose any sail setting 
Navwar Age of Sail Napoleonic 1/1200 models lead castings Crude sculpts 
Red Eagle Miniatures Age of Sail Napoleonic 1/1200 models lead castings Old Triton range sold by Skytrex 
Valiant Age of Sail Napoleonic 1/2000 models pewter castings Odd scale, cartoonish sculpts, but a lot of character. Do not mix well with anything else. Castings often ruined by poor quality control.. 
Old Glory Shipyard Age of Sail Napoleonic 1/2400 models pewter castings One-piece castings of Napoleonic warships, including cast-on stays and ratlines 
Tumbling Dice Age of Sail Napoleonic 1/2400 models pewter castings Somewhat crude, hand-carved 
Langton Age of Sail Napoleonic 1/300 models lead castings, brass Small selection of large, highly detailed Napoleonic naval units, many parts in brass 
Old Glory Shipyard Age of Sail Napoleonic 1/300 models resin castings with pewter parts "Masters of the Broadside" range of 1/300 Napoleonic ships. 
Navwar Age of Sail Napoleonic 1/3000 models pewter castings  
Tumbling Dice Age of Sail Napoleonic 1/4800 models pewter castings Crude and hand-carved like other Tumbling Dice miniatures. 
Meridian (Navy Models & Books) Age of Sail Napoleonic 1/700 models pewter and resin Old Meridian "Trafalgar" range 
Naval Wargaming Ships by Henry Turner Age of Sail Napoleonic 1/700 models 3D prints Shapeways storefront. Hulls only, masts/sails/rigging must be fabricated. 
Warlord Games Age of Sail Napoleonic 1/700 models plastic, resin, metal, or mixed Miniatures line for the Black Seas game 
Langton Age of Sail Napoleonic Baltic 1/1200 models lead castings The coastal Baltic "army fleets" of Sweden and Russia from 1780s onward 
Black Smoke, Blue Water Battleship Pre-dreadnought 1/1000 models 3D prints Growing line of pre-dreadnought era ships, can be rescaled to 1/2400, 1/1800, 1/1500 or 1/1200 on request 
Great Endeavors Transitional Pre-dreadnought 1/1000 models pewter castings Old Houston's Ironclads line (except ACW ships owned by Wargaming Miniatures, Inc.). Includes many ships back to about 1870. Web site disappeared in 2017, never rebuilt; orders can be placed through email address (link at left). 
Brown Water Navy Miniatures (Shapeways) Transitional Pre-dreadnought 1/1250 models 3D prints  
Ships and More Battleship Pre-dreadnought 1/1250 models various media Mostly built and painted models 
GHQ Battleship Pre-dreadnought 1/2400 models lead castings Some pre-dreadnought era battleships and cruisers still in use in WWI 
Panzerschiffe Battleship Pre-dreadnought 1/2400 models resin Low-detail gray epoxy resin castings, slightly oversized, cheap, durable 
Tumbling Dice Battleship Pre-dreadnought 1/2400 models pewter castings  
Viking Forge Battleship Pre-dreadnought 1/2400 models lead castings Ships of the SAW, RJW, and some units of Italy, Germany, and Austria-Hungary, plus pre-dreadnought units in WWI service 
Navy Models and Books Battleship Pre-dreadnought 1/3000 models pewter castings Old, huge Davco range of 20th C. warships and shore terrain, last owned by Skytrex 
WTJ (War Times Journal) Battleship Pre-dreadnought 1/3000 models pewter castings Extremely wide range of pre-dreadnought era warships of most nations 
Old Glory Shipyard Modern Pre-dreadnought 1/600 models resin castings with pewter parts "Age of Ironclads" line of 1890-1905 pre-dreadnoughts, plus a few earlier transitional ironclads 
WTJ (War Times Journal) Battleship Pre-dreadnought any models 3D prints A line of pre-dreadnought era ships of most major nations in your choice of scales 
WTJ (War Times Journal) Battleship Pre-dreadnought any terrain 3D prints, pewter castings Shore batteries of the pre-dreadnought and WWI eras 
WTJ (War Times Journal) Battleship Pre-dreadnought any parts 3D prints Boats and fighting tops for the WWI and pre-dreadnought eras, in your choice of scales 
Red Eagle Miniatures Transitional Sail/steam 1/1200 models lead castings Steam-powered wooden SOLs & frigates of 1850s and later. Old Triton range sold by Skytrex 
Old Glory Shipyard Age of Sail War of 1812 1/300 models resin models with pewter parts Larger models of smaller ships used in the War of 1812 
Ships and More Battleship WWI 1/1250 models various media Mostly built and painted models 
C-in-C Battleship WWI 1/2400 models lead castings Capital ships, some cruisers and DDs of Germany and UK, Japanese WWI Kongo, Italian WWI DDs, and 1/2400 boats. 
GHQ Battleship WWI 1/2400 models lead castings Large range, still growing, mixed coverage of minor navies. 
Panzerschiffe Battleship WWI 1/2400 models resin Low-detail gray epoxy resin castings, slightly oversized, cheap, durable 
Tumbling Dice Battleship WWI 1/2400 models  pewter castings Limited (but growing) selection WWI vessels, mostly early examples 
Viking Forge Battleship WWI 1/2400 models pewter castings Ships of all major WWI combatants, plus generic civilian shipping 
Navy Models and Books Battleship WWI 1/3000 models pewter castings Old, huge Davco range of 20th C. warships and shore terrain, last owned by Skytrex 
WTJ (War Times Journal) Battleship WWI any models 3D prints WWI units of Germany, UK, Italy in your choice of scales 
Clydeside Flotilla Battleship WWII 1/1200 models pewter castings Mostly small craft and auxiliaries, plus some 1/1200 aircraft 
Hallmark Coastal Forces Battleship WWII 1/1250 models pewter castings UK source of Hallmark 1/1250 coastal craft range; MTBs, MGBs, cargo ships, DDs, DEs, barges, landing craft 
Hallmark Coastal Forces Battleship WWII 1/1250 models pewter castings US source of Hallmark 1/1250 coastal craft range; MTBs, MGBs, cargo ships, DDs, DEs, barges, landing craft 
Ships and More Battleship WWII 1/1250 models various media Mostly built and painted models 
Triton (Navy Models & Books) Battleship WWII 1/1250 models pewter castings Old Triton range of ships and aircraft sold by Skytrex 
Triton (Navy Models & Books) Battleship WWII 1/1250 terrain  Harbor and shore terrain bits 
C-in-C Battleship WWII 1/2400 models lead castings WWI naval units of USA, France, Japan, Germany, UK, Italy, & Netherlands 
GHQ Battleship WWII 1/2400 models lead castings Extensive range of ships, subs, & aircraft of WWII 
Panzerschiffe Battleship WWII 1/2400 models resin Low-detail gray epoxy resin castings, slightly oversized, cheap, durable 
Viking Forge Battleship WWII 1/2400 models pewter castings Ships of all major WWII combatants, plus huge range of fleet auxiliaries and civilian shipping 
Navy Models and Books Battleship WWII 1/3000 models pewter castings Old, huge Davco range of 20th C. warships and shore terrain, last owned by Skytrex 
Meridian (Skytrex) Battleship WWII 1/350 models resin castings, pewter parts Large, detailed models of escort-class WWII ships 
C-in-C Battleship WWII 1/4800 models lead castings The original 1/4800 range of WWII naval units of Germany, UK, and civilian ships 
C.O.B. Constructs and Miniatures (Shapeways) Battleship WWII 1/4800 models 3D prints  
eBard Models (Shapeways) Battleship WWII 1/4800 models 3D prints  
SNAFU Store (Shapeways) Battleship WWII 1/4800 models 3D prints  
Tastes Like Chicken (Shapeways) Battleship WWII 1/4800 models 3D prints  
Tiny Thingamajigs (Shapeways) Battleship WWII 1/4800 models 3D prints  
Hobbylinc Battleship WWII 1/700 models plastic kits Waterline plastic model kits of WWII vessels by a variety of manufacturers 
Meridian (Navy Models & Books) Battleship WWII 1/700 models pewter and resin Old Meridian range 
Model Warehouse Battleship WWII 1/700 models plastic kits Supplier of various plastic model kit manufacturers 
Tamiya Battleship WWII 1/700 models plastic kits Large range of 1/700 WWII waterline plastic model kits 
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