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Painting and Rigging Tutorials

This is a collection of tutorials for painting and rigging scale sailing ships from some of my favorite crafters.

Sailing Ship Rigging Tutorial (PDF) by The War Artisan (Jeff Knudsen). This tutorial demonstrates rigging one of Jeff's rescalable paper sailing ships, but will work on lead and plastic models too.

A five-part (and growing...?) tutorial written by Rory McCreadie and posted by his friend Vol Williams in his own blog:
Part I
Part II
Part IIIa
Part IIIb
Part IV

A really nice rigging tutorial by Julián Fernández de Sevilla (in two languages!), who does a lot of nice modeling work for sale on his site Model J Ship.

A painting and rigging guide for 1/1200 scale Napoleonic ship models by Ray Trochim.


This is just a collection of links to nice photos of very well-done sailing ship models that I like to stare at once in a while.

Some unbelievably nice Anglo-Dutch Wars ships at the abandoned blog Mike's Leadpile. There's no telling how long this blog will remain up. Mike has a collection of photos which includes these here, but without the commentary.

Kai's Age of Sail page, a subsite dedicated to 1/1200 Age of Sail gaming.