This is a collection of some scenarios and background documents I've created for playing the General Quarters 3 system (GQ3 or FAI).

Escape From Mers el Kebir. Shortly after the fall of France in 1940, the Royal Navy attacked the French fleet bases in Africa in Operation Catapult. Force H was sent to Mers el Kebir to neutralize the largest French battlefleet, and ended up sinking most of it. This is a "what if" scenario that assumes French Admiral Gensoul was better prepared and manages to effect a breakout with his fleet. Instead of the French fleet being shelled in port, they confront Force H on the open sea. This is an interesting battle, and more asymmetrical than it appears at first glance because of the variations in ship designs. A fun variation is to include an attack by planes from Ark Royal. I have twice run this naval scenario in conjunction with a French vs. British dogfight game  pitting Hawk 75s against Fairey Swordfish escorted by Fairey Fulmars; the surviving Swordfish appeared in the naval game and made a torpedo attack.
I. Craig Nichols,
May 10, 2018, 4:08 PM