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General Quarters 2

Italian WWI Fleet
In 1999 I bought all of the ships of the major WWI Mediterranean fleets (France, Italy, Austria-Hungary, and Great Britain) in 1:6000 scale for playing fleet-scale battles between WWI-era battleships. To play with them I use GQ 2, the old set of simple, fast-play naval rules from the 70's that are just too classic to die. In these pages are documented the work I've done to make this game faster, more playable, and fun to play. Gamers love toys, and I added enough to fill boxes.

Map Campaigns
I've always been fascinated by the fog of war, and love reading accounts of WWI naval actions (including the Grandaddy of them all, Jutland) where two fleets spend days steaming around a region seeking or avoiding the enemy, and neither knowing quite where the other is until they stumble into shooting range. Here's how I do it.

WWI SDS Collection
I did a lot of work to create nice SDSes that work with my house rules and GQ gaming props. Here are all of my SDS collections for the major navies of the Mediterranean at the time of the Great War.

I've made enough changes to the way that GQ is played that I had to make my own cheat sheet of tables and charts.

Range Finders
I made these neat props in order to speed up GQ gunnery resolution.

Torpedo Rules
In my efforts to speed up GQ, one of the areas I've tried to speed up is the torpedo rules. Here's what I've come up with.Göben & Breslau

Markers and Props
A collection of little toys to assist play.

HMS Dreadnought