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Fleet Action Imminent

This page exists so I can post the growing collection of house rules and add-ons I make for playing Fleet Action Imminent, my favorite set of WWI naval rules.

Missing Ship Logs
This is a growing collection of ship logs (and sub logs and airship logs, etc.) that I originally started to cover my ever-expanding collection of WWI Baltic fleets. It contains mostly Russian and German units, but also a few "what if" units.

Damage Synopsis
This is a collection of the rules defining each type of damage on a single page, with the ship log example diagram from the rules. I find this a useful handout.

Altered Turn Sequence
This is my own altered version of the FAI turn sequence. To summarize the changes:

  • Pre-plotted movement is replaced with an Igo/Ugo turn sequence (like the original General Quarters). I hate pre-plotted movement, it slows multi-player games to a crawl, and in any case there's little point in pre-plotting in an era where physical contact between ships was unlikely.
  • The torpedo rules are replaced with my own. The original torpedo rules with hidden markers and exact paths are impractical, slow, and at a totally different level of simulation than the rest of the rules. The alternate Fleet Action gyros use angles too narrow to achieve any hits against moving targets using a ground scale of 500 yd/inch.
  • I added in my own house rule about sinking ships.

Torpedo Launch Markers
The "fleet" gryo angle markers don't work in a 200yd/cm game, and I don't think an admiral should have to guess gyro angles anyway, so I made my own torpedo launch markers to use with my own torpedo rules. Here's how they're meant to be used:

  1. The PDF contains two sheets: markers and covers. These are sliced into ½" x 2" rectangles in two colors, gray and blue. Gray markers are used on odd turns, blue markers on even turns, so you always know which markers to look at
  2. The markers (printed with angles and the words "Fixed TT") are laid on the table during the movement phase with the launch information written on it (target, number of torpedoes, "deep" or "shallow") and the center point lined up with the fore funnel of the launching ship.
  3. The marker is covered with a cover of the appropriate color (gray or blue) to hide the information from the target player(s).
  4. During the Torpedo Attack Phase, the markers with last turn's color are all uncovered, resolved, then lifted off the table.

The markers should be something heavy and not easily blown about (e.g., printed on cardstock, glued onto plastic or metal, etc.). I also prefer to laminate mine so I can re-use them.

The covers should be heavy enough to stay put too, but can be made of anything. I prefer my covers to blend into the sea surface so they don't detract visually from the game too much.

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